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Benjamin Fosselman

Warner Brothers Animation
Bento Box Animation

Storyboard Artist - June 2020 - Jan 2021

Unannounced Y-7 - Apple TV

"DC Super Hero Girls" - DC, Annie Nominated

Storyboard Artist - Dec 2019 - May 2020

At Metropolis High School, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, and their super hero friends attend exciting classes and deal with the awkwardness of growing up. 


Joe Murray Studios 

"Let's Go Luna" - PBS, Emmy Winner

Storyboard Director - July 2019 - Current

Storyboard Artist - June 2018 - July 2019

Let's Go Luna is a board-driven show about 

Luna the moon, who guides three friends -- a wombat, a butterfly and a frog -- as they visit new places around the world with their parents' traveling performance troupe.

Magnetic Dreams Studio 

May 2012 - June 2018

During my 6 year tenure at Magnetic Dreams my primary role was animator. I did 2d/3d animation with various styles and softwares. Clients include Marvel, Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Nickelodeon, HBO Chick-Fil-A, Mother Goose Club, and Qpeas. In addition to animating, I also
served as a: 

Storyboard Artist

Character, Background, Asset Designer



Studio and Project Highlights

DC Super Hero Girls 2019
Joe Murray Studios, Storyboards 2018
Magnetic Dreams, Animator - 2018

Nickelodeon - MechChamps (animation), Spongebob Squarepants 
animation) , pitches (visual development, storyboards) 

Youtube - The Wingfeather Saga (animation), I Love My Country 
animation, storyboards, backgrounds, character design)

Sesame Street - The Magical Wand Chase* (animation),
The Cookie Thief (
background assets),  Elmo and Taye Diggs
Go for a Drive
animation), various shorts (character designs,
pilot script, storyboards)

Vision Films - Cecil (2019) (animation)


*The Magical Wand Chase won a 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program

Magnetic Dreams, Animator - 2017
Professional Skills

Storyboard Pro 

Adobe Animate 

Adobe Photoshop 

and Illustrator


ClipStudio Pro  

ToonBoom Harmony


Adobe AfterEffects 

and Premiere

Final Cut

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

B.F.A - Applied Media Arts, Animation 

Minor: Art History

Graduation: 2011

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